Prevents crows from attacking your crops. Has a limited radius (about 8 "tiles").
Source Crafting
Season SpringSummerFall
Sell Price Cannot be sold
Recipe Source Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Level 1
Ingredients Wood.png Wood (50)Coal.png Coal (1)Fiber.png Fiber (20)

A Scarecrow is a craftable item that prevents crows from eating crops. Scarecrows can be crafted at Farming level 1. Scarecrows are not needed to protect crops grown from Wild Seeds, since crows do not attack them.

Since there are no crows on Ginger Island, no scarecrows need to be planted on the farm there.


A Scarecrow will protect the surrounding circular area of 249 spaces; 8 spaces each to the north, east, south, and west, as well as 6 spaces each to the northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest. In other words, it protects a 17x17 area, excluding 10 spaces in each corner.



Rarecrows work the same way as regular Scarecrows, except for the Alien Scarecrow, which hats can be placed on. Soon after collecting all 8 rarecrows (usually the next day) a letter will arrive with the recipe to craft a Deluxe Scarecrow.

Number Image How to Obtain
1 Purchase at the Stardew Valley Fair for data-sort-value="800"> 800.
2 Purchase at the Spirit's Eve festival for data-sort-value="5000"> 5,000g
3 Purchase at the Casino for data-sort-value="10000"> 10,000.
4 Purchase at the Traveling Cart randomly during fall or winter for data-sort-value="4000"> 4,000g,

or purchase at the Festival of Ice for data-sort-value="5000"> 5,000g.

5 Purchase at the Flower Dance for data-sort-value="2500"> 2,500g.
6 Purchase from the Dwarf for data-sort-value="2500"> 2,500g.
7 Donate 20 Artifacts (not counting Minerals) to the Museum.
Can be purchased from the Night Market once the first one is earned.
8 Donate 40 items to the Museum.
Can be purchased from the Night Market once the first one is earned.



  • Rarecrow #1 is a reference to the Turnip Head character in Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle.
  • Interacting with a Scarecrow shows a message indicating how many crows it has scared away. The counter resets when the Scarecrow is picked up.



  • 1.4.1: Can now purchase museum rarecrows from the Night Market.